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Our consultancy services

Due to our experience as creators of a wide range of innovative digital experiences, we can provide you with the right technical solution for your challenge. From strategic planning to selecting the right hardware and software to offering creative solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Hardware solutions for CX

Moyosa helps you to find and maintain the most cost efficient, easy to install and reliable hardware for your installations and experiences. This prevents you from running into unforeseen problems during installation or use.



Roofkunst - 10 verhalen (Loot - 10 stories) | VR Exhibition

Nike Jordan XXXIV

Jordan Boomerang Dunk Experience

Johnnie Walker

Madrid Flagship Store

Creative technology

There’s a very wide range of digital technologies available to build your solution. We help to find the software, platforms and server infrastructure you need to build your solution and advise you on how to integrate these solutions into your current systems. We can also help you build these solutions.


Bowmore x Aston Martin

Discover What Moves You | Airport Experience
johnnie walker blue label cities future moyosa spaces virtual gallery

Johnnie Walker

Blue Label Cities of the Future
coca cola christmas treecording ar web app


The Treecording WebAR

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