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Bowmore and Aston Martin have something special in common: a pursuit for perfect balance. For this reason, they collaborated on releasing three perfectly balanced whiskies. To promote these whiskies they wanted a unique buying experience focused on balance and symmetry using the fascinating phenomena called cymatics. We were asked to co-design and develop the experience to faithfully simulate the real-life phenomenon.

During the experience, users answer three questions about themselves, allowing them to create the shape, color, and speed of their own emotive pulse. The user is then recommended a limited edition whisky based on their very own personality. Are you ready to immerse yourself in a captivating blend of visuals and sounds?

An infinite possibility of mesmerizing shapes and patterns matching your unique style

Cymatics are a phenomenon that comes to expression when passing waves through a liquid. This creates an infinite possibility of mesmerizing shapes and patterns when illuminated. Setting up a real-life cymatic is an intricate process reliant on numerous factors. To enable users with no prior knowledge of this intricate process to create their own one in a billion cymatic, it became important to design an intuitive user interface and a seamless user flow.

To ensure an immersive and visually stunning experience, we dedicated substantial time to achieve photorealistic visuals, fluid simulations, and captivating lighting effects for the simulated cymatics, all rendered in real-time.

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Web development render realistic
Personalized marketing experience

Considering the constraints of certain airports lacking power outlets near the setup, we also developed a web-based experience. In order to preserve the visual appeal of the experience, we opted for utilizing 64 pre-rendered cymatics instead of real-time rendering.

Mobile optimization

3D render photorealistic

Transforming the physical into digital

It was a great experience to work on a project which transforms a physical artistic medium to a digital one. We embraced the challenge and harnessed the diverse skills within our team at Moyosa to create an experience that we are truly proud of.

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