User-generated content is highly valued for its authenticity and social media filters have emerged as a powerful marketing tool to boost brand engagement. However, creating a filter alone is insufficient; it must be engaging and enjoyable for users. This is what we achieved with the social media activation for the Binance X the Weeknd project.

Spark interest

The filter, which has been built for Instagram using Meta Spark studio,resembles a mask made up of 128 golden triangles. The mask animates between three different states depending on the tilt of the user’s head. This gives the filter a certain amount of interactivity which wouldn’t just make it a fun thing to share, but also a fun experience in itself. To incentivize usage, users had the chance to win a concert ticket upgrade by posting the filter on Instagram and tagging Binance. The filter was promoted both at the concert venue and through social media influencers, maximizing its exposure.

Binance meta spark AR Instagram filter
Meta Spark AR mask 3D model filter

Enforcing brand personality

The strength of this project laid in the opportunity to combine the unique style of The Weeknd and the innovative brand personality of Binance. It also created value for the visitors, Binance and The Weeknd. These factors made social media filters a versatile addition to a campaign that more companies could take advantage of.

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