Through our partner agency Harrimansteel, Nike’s Jordan brand wanted to showcase the Jordan boomerang dunk experience in their flagship store in Paris. Via an interactive camera a visitor’s dunk or layup was photobursted and turned into a selfie GIF to share on social media.

nike jordan social dunk store cx

A true team effort

Besides adding an amazing brand to our portfolio of brands, we are extremely proud of our team and our partnership with HarrimanSteel in putting together this campaign in an extremely short amount of time. As MJ said himself: “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

nike jordan social dunk store cx


The result was a phenomenal in-store campaign, which was quickly copied to a event in Berlin, and even the Nike EU HQ in the Netherlands, where in a short campaign of a few days, hundreds of people used the app and shared their Selfie Dunk happily on their social media.

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