The “Overview Effect” is a phenomenon that occurs when astronauts view Earth from space for the first time, providing them with a fresh perspective on the planet’s fragility and inspiring a sense of care. While this experience is limited to a select few, wouldn’t it be wonderful if more people could share this feeling? Ørsted, a Danish energy company, aimed to achieve just that through their VR Space Safari.

A cosmic perspective

Ørsted approached us with the task of creating a cohesive and user-friendly web page that incorporates all the elements of the VR Space Safari. The webpage revolves around a VR video that utilizes the YouTube VR player, allowing users to virtually experience space travel. The video incorporates drone footage, satellite imagery, and ISS videos to provide users with a realistic encounter. Additionally, an interactive menu is available, enabling users to select astronauts from various countries who share their firsthand experiences of going to outer space.

“We’re all space travelers”

Our participation in Ørsted’s VR Space Safari project has allowed us to contribute to offering individuals a fresh perspective on Earth and, perhaps, even evoke the Overview Effect. It was a highly rewarding experience to utilize our skills in assisting the development of such a captivating and socially significant project.

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