Airports offer an ideal setting for some leisurely downtime. You can catch up on that guilty pleasure TV show everyone’s talking about or simply observe fellow passengers hurrying towards their departure gates. However, there are moments when you might crave a break from this idle state. It’s precisely during these moments that your brand should connect with your customers through a fun and engaging experience. This was our goal with the KitKat bus. Big Bad Wolf entrusted us with the task of developing the photo-sharing application that lies at the core of this activation.

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Source: ©The Moodie Davitt Report

Next stop is…

The activation can be viewed as a comprehensive package. The eye-catching red bus attracts curious customers, encouraging them to participate in the sharing experience that we developed through the “Capture your KitKat break” call to action. On the outside of the bus, there are multiple shelves stocked with various flavors of KitKat bars. As a playful addition, there is even a miniature bus driver’s seat for children to interact with and enjoy during the activation.

Source: ©TR Business

“Disruptive in-store attraction”

“Higher footfall in-store encourages consideration for the confectionery category as well as other categories. The bus acts as a disruptive and engaging in-store attraction and customers love the fact that they can take photos, their little ones can sit inside and they can write personal messages on the screen. It’s a really nice, happy promotion that always brings smiles to faces.” – Louis Heriard Dubreuil, Operations and Commercial Executive Director, Lagardère Travel Retail

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