For Toblerone we created a great digital activation, for consumers at airports and train stations, where they scan an on-pack QR code with their device and are directed to the web app for the Tiny Words campaign. On the homepage, examples of several animations and effect outcomes are shown so that the user is triggered to start creating their own shareable, virtual tiny messages image out of the 21 different words.

What does being together mean for you?

Messages include words and feelings that help to connect travellers, like ‘happiness’, ‘sharing’ and laughing’, with promotional materials highlighting to travellers what “being together means”. The Tiny Words campaign is targeted to digitally-driven Gen Z and millennial customers; two customer groups who are expected to increase their travel retail spend in coming years and are known to favour exclusivity and personalisation.

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Once again, we had a great time working on this clever digital support for the Toblerone campaign, which you can check out by clicking the button below!

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