For Adidas Giants, a campaign for the FIFA World Cup 2022, we made a series of augmented reality web applications that project multiple star players around famous landmarks in Qatar and Dubai. The applications can be opened by scanning a QR code in a tv ad, on the packaging for the official ball or in certain locations around Qatar and Dubai.


We used 8th Wall, the world’s leading AR platform, to make AR elements that were placed into the world instead of just placed on top of it. We did this by using a combination of Image tracking and world tracking to synchronize the real world with our digital world. This allowed us to use virtual occlusion to make our 3D animations interact with the world.

Adidas Giants Burj AR Soccer


“We are thrilled to see Adidas utilizing our technology to create truly immersive experiences that engage and enhance the fan experience in new and exciting ways.” – Tom Emrich, Director of Product Management at Niantic.

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