At the end of 2023, we got the chance to make an exceptional space on behalf of The King Center, celebrating and reflecting on the legacy of Mrs. Coretta Scott King. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change (“The King Center”) is a memorial, resource center and community institution for and about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. established in 1968 by Mrs. Coretta Scott King.

They asked us to design and develop a similar space and memorial that would help spread and preserve Mrs. King’s amazing life and message. It was an honor to design and build a space for such an important part of history in collaboration with Microsoft and The King Center.

Creating a virtual gallery that tells the important story of Mrs. Coretta Scott King

We designed the space along a narrative that represents and honors Mrs. King. To ensure we paid attention to every little detail, we co-created this gallery in close collaboration with The King Center- and the Microsoft team. A notable feature is the rose patterns we incorporated in the ceiling and doorways from the monument at the heart of The Coretta Scott King Peach and Mediation Garden.

Exploring Legacy in an Immersive Exhibition

The experience starts with a welcoming speech by Dr. Bernice King which was captured through photogrammetry and placed in the gallery in 3D. Following is a linear experience that highlights the different eras of Mrs. King’s life. Due to the layout of the space, visitors can wander around and explore the different stories through artifacts like photos, videos, and even music.

Bridging History and Innovation

We loved crafting this unique digital experience, a heartfelt nod to Mrs. King’s legacy. It was an honor to use technology to capture the essence of Mrs. King’s impact in a digital space. Projects like this don’t feel like ‘just work’; they resonate with the spirit of innovation and pay homage to a remarkable legacy. Stay tuned for an experience that blends the past with the present, celebrating Mrs. King in an authentic and inspiring way.

A sincere thank you to Microsoft and The King Center for trusting us with this special project. It’s been an honor being part of this journey.

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