Kate Bush announced a whole bunch of reissued albums in unlimited editions on physical formats. To mark this occasion, we’ve collaborated with Chris Michaels to launch a new website, a place that prioritizes Kate’s musical heritage.

Inspired by the stories about the new designs for the vinyl, we signed up for the challenge to simultaneously work on the digital narrative of the website. Aiming to convey the story of the different albums from Hounds of Loveto “The Kick Inside”. Explore how we got on this journey together, where the mixed-colored vinyls align with the digital storytelling.

Applied design

Designing & developing a new brand narrative within 5 weeks

The new designs for the colored vinyls gave a new direction to the brand identity of Fish People. They came from a dark website with red accents and a pronounced font. Our challenge was to design and develop a new website within a few weeks, where we completely let go of the old design. We created a new look & feel that’s minimalistic, elegant, and colorful.

The Mixed-Colored Vinyls

A modular custom-built website

Our goal was to create a framework that not only captivated the story of Kate’s albums but also could grow with their needs and wishes. We understand how an idea evolves as you work on it. Believing it is crucial to maintain the ability to easily manage these developments yourself while maintaining consistent aesthetics. Therefore we created a modular custom-built theme. 

We started off designing different content modules based on the shared wireframes. The modular approach allowed us to strike a balance between uniformity and creativity, ensuring that each element contributes to a visually engaging narrative.

From showcasing albums to connecting through storytelling

The new website doesn’t just showcase albums; it embodies the story behind each one written by Kate herself. Guiding the fans and visitors through the heart and soul of the music.

In collaboration with Chris Michaels and Fish People, the redesign and build of the website has become a partnership we’re incredibly proud of. The Fish People team took the designed content elements as a base to create their own creative direction to match the storytelling of each album.

A sincere thank you to Chris Michaels for his role as a Producer, and our appreciation to everyone on this project for their trust and commitment throughout this creative process.

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