Hip-hop culture has become incredibly influential in almost all disciplines of art. From music, to dance and even sculpting and painting. The newest ZuCot gallery celebrates and honors hip-hop culture through 41 artworks all made for the exhibition. We were asked by ZuCot to build our third Moyosa Space for them and digitalize this exhibition.

Moyosa Spaces

We developed the gallery using Moyosa spaces. Moyosa Spaces allowed us to build a fictional but photorealistic 3D gallery that the user can navigate through and interact with to learn about the exhibition, the artworks and the artists. This allows galleries like ZuCot to spread their important messages to anyone who has access to the internet.

Due to the modular nature of Moyosa Spaces, we have been able to update and adapt our previous ZuCot galleries to fit the needs of this gallery. This allowed us to build the new space in a timely matter while still ensuring the correct design and style for the gallery, just like a real-life gallery.

A modern perspective on art

We were very happy to be able to work with ZuCot again. Their modern and innovative perspective on art really allows us to get the most out of Moyosa Spaces and to keep innovating and developing our skills with digital spaces.

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Roofkunst – 10 verhalen (Loot – 10 stories) | VR Exhibition