gary james mcqueen guiding light


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On Sunday 25th April 2021, Gary James McQueen, nephew of the late Alexander McQueen released his 1st digital fashion show called “Guiding Light”. This 10-minute film, sponsored by EPIC Games’ MEGAgrant program and SkyArts, features 20 menswear and womenswear looks. Post fashion show, users are invited to visit the digital showroom, created with our Moyosa Spaces concept.

Digital production

The film was digitally produced from start to finish, including the show’s environment, garments, models, motion capture, mannequins, rigging, AR models, and the entire showroom including 2D&3D assets and lighting.

gary james mcqueen guiding light
gary james mcqueen guiding light

Unreal Engine spotlight

Behind the scenes

Virtual showroom

This online, browser-accessible showroom, allows brands to tell their stories through easy-to-use, beautiful 3D environments. The show’s 20 digital looks can be explored on the first floor of the tower from the film. Each model shows an info panel when engaged, showing information about the look, a 3D model viewer with AR capability, and a click-out button to purchase the look on DressX.

The second floor exhibits various art pieces and accessories created by Gary James McQueen. On the third floor, the storyboard and moodboards for the film can be viewed. On the fourth floor, users can try an AR filter, learn more about DressX, and make a donation to Mind charity.

gary james mcqueen guiding light
gary james mcqueen guiding light
gary james mcqueen guiding light
gary james mcqueen guiding light


The result is an incredible fashion experience, which is accessible to all, sustainable, and above all: supercool! The show itself builds up to an incredible climax after which visitors can check out each look in a beautiful showroom, and these experiences are had using just a browser! Users will be able to check out looks in augmented reality and see them in their office or living room, and purchase the looks directly online from the showroom. All in all a very exciting project!

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