Airports can be a very fun place for the first hour. But sadly it’s rare to be waiting for ‘just’ an hour. However, Toblerone Discover provides a way to make the wait a little more bearable. Located in airports worldwide, the experience offers users an entertaining way to explore the city where it is situated while killing time. Users engage in a game on a large screen and use a Toblerone bar, which is tracked onto their hands, to capture letters spelling “Toblerone” and a set of illustrations related to the city while avoiding unrelated ones. The experience includes a leaderboard to encourage users to compete with one another, resulting in word-of-mouth advertising.

Technologies used

Discover Amsterdam was developed in Unity and uses full body tracking, powered by Artificial Intelligence computer vision to connect the in-game Toblerone bar to the player’s hands. Players can even receive a replay of their final catch via a mail server. Not only that, but the game can also be easily customized to fit other cities that participate in the Toblerone Discover campaign.

Will you be the new champion?

Discover Amsterdam was a very fun product to develop and especially test. The entire office competed for the best time until someone ‘accidentally’ reset the program. When you find yourself in Schiphol, get ready to catch those icons and climb the leaderboard. Our office’s best time is 54 seconds. Can you beat that to become the new champion?

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