Sending postcards during vacation can be a fun but odd task, ranging from searching through generic postcards at tourist shops to hoping they arrive on time. JTI aimed to personalize this experience by enabling people to design and print their own postcards in airports all over the world. Although some individuals possess an inherent design talent, digital design tools can be difficult and time-consuming to grasp. Our team developed an accessible tool for the JTI Postcard Experience that allowed travelers with some free time at the airport to have a fun, intuitive and streamlined experience.

Developed in Unity

The tool was developed in Unity, this was done because the tool would only be displayed on dedicated machines at the airport. Unity provided flexibility in building the user interface (UI), which was important to ensure that the tool was clear and easy to use for all users, regardless of their technical skills.

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The JTI Postcard Experience combined the ease of use and flexibility of digital media and the nostalgic tangible characteristics of physical media into an experience we really enjoyed working on.

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