Shuffleboard is a centuries-old game that’s still enjoyed by students at the pub or elderly in retirement homes alike. One of the most unique locations it’s commonly played is on the waxed decks of cruise ships and luxury yachts. Sadly, playing shuffleboard on the deck of an airplane hasn’t caught on yet. Oreo agreed on this sentiment and tasked us to build a shuffleboard inspired experience for their airport store-in-stores. During the game, travelers compete to get the highest score by swiping Oreos towards a glass of milk.

Winner winner cookie dinner

The experience is made to be used on mobile devices. This way many people could try their hands at the game at the same time. They could even try to beat their high scores when queuing at the gate. The travelers can also win Oreos depending on their high score. As it can be hard to leave it at one or two cookies, travelers are even incentivized to buy some for their travels afterward.

Interact and engage

Interactivity is a great way for customers to interact with a store-in-store. It both incentives the user to engage with the brand and strengthens the eye-catching nature of the store-in-store. The stylized shelves filled with Oreos are already quite tantalizing. Now imagine how hungry you’d get after flinging them around for a few minutes.

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