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Our UK partner Big Bad Wolf asked Moyosa Media to develop the consumer engagement piece that would be adopted into Dewar’s Double Agent 16 YO portfolio of work. We were responsible for the technical development of this mobile web experience, and concept & design was done by our partner. The game is meant as a simple entry point to a deeper exploration of the Dewar’s brand and their different vintages and flavours.

dewars double agent web game
dewars double agent web game
dewars double agent web game

Sweet & Smoky

Users need to keep the balance of flavour in Dewar’s Double Agent by swiping the barrel left and right to capture the smoke and honey droplets. Bonus points are gained from Dewar’s Double Agent bottles & collecting consecutive flavours increases the score multiplier but if you miss them and run out of lives it’s game over. Users can share their score on social media, after which they are taken to the main Dewar’s Double Agent page.

dewars double agent web game


All in all, this is a clever way for people to get to know more about Dewar’s vintages and flavours, as well as being pulled in by a fun oldschool type game, which works flawlessly on mobile pages.

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