The General Concept

Sky Glass is the streaming TV from Sky, which was launched in October 2021. The TV device has sky built into the hardware; so users can stream every channel, show and app over WiFi, so no more satellite dish or media box! And Moyosa, through it’s partner Surround Vision helped create a webAR experience for the launch, which shows the device through your browser and the 8th wall platform.

For thisproject, Moyosa developed an unboxing experience of the TV device. After the unboxing animation, a user can use a colorpicker to select their optimal configuration and then pinch and scale the device up or down to understand sizing relative to their physical surrounding. They can virtually place the device in the livingroom against a wall or on a TV table, so they can get a good feel for what it would look like in your own home or office!


The results is an incredibly engaging and fun webAR experience which earned Moyosa a spot on 8thWall’s showcase website and has been very well receivede by the client and everyone involved. We continue to push the boundaries of what webAR can do for our clients!

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