In March 2020, the Rembrandthuis museum, like many other cultural institutions around the world, was forced to close its doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This resulted in a devastating year for the museum and the industry as a whole. It did however accelerate the implementation of digital ideas and plans throughout the industry.

Moyosa has come up with several ideas for the Rembrandtmuseum to test digital concepts, allowing the museum to tell its stories to online visitors and potentially creating interesting revenue streams.

rembrandt museum moyosa spaces

360-degree photography

To start the digital journey, the museum has chosen to digitize the building using high-resolution 360-degree photography, in combination with information panel overlays. Each room was photographed in ultra-high resolution, and a 360 virtual tour was created, allowing online visitors to move throughout each room in the museum. At the start of the experience, users are able to choose their preferred language, and opt for a guided tour, with videos of the museum’s director and others welcoming them.

rembrandt museum moyosa spaces
rembrandt museum moyosa spaces


We are very happy and believe this is a great start for the museum to start exploring more digital tours and experiences in the future. there is a huge potential for online visitors with a brand as strong as “REMBRANDT” and in the future, we believe that the museum could start generating revenues and grow its online presence to match the offline visitor numbers.

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