We were asked by ŠKODA to develop a virtual reality (VR) experience for their first electric concept car, the VISION E. The goal was to use innovative techniques that push the boundaries of what’s possible. To reach this goal we aimed  for an interactive and informative experience of the VISION E’s features and concept. The resulting experience was split into two phases: a mobile at-home teaser phase for influencers and an event experience for the public using the HTC Vive VR headset.

The experience

During the teaser phase, branded packages were sent out to relevant influencers. The packages contained a Google Daydream VR phone case, a Moto Z phone preloaded with the VR experience, and a personalized message. The teaser phase provided users a mobile-optimized VR experience using the Google Daydream VR controller.

In the second phase was an on-site VR experience. In this experience multiple users work together to charge up the experience using their own “spark,” playing on the electric car concept of the VISION E. Once all users had contributed their energy, they experienced the different features of the VISION E in an interactive environment. At the end of the experience, a voiceover would invite the user to sit in an actual car seat synchronized with the digital world. The experience would end with an interactive car drive where the user could test out the different features of the car while being driven around unique locations.


Overall, the project offered a lot of room for creativity and innovation during the design and development stages. Around 3,000 visitors got to experience the VR campaign, and 120 influencers received the personalized teaser experience. In addition, over 80 editorial articles were published about the campaign.

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