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At the end of 2022 we got the chance to utilize Moyosa Spaces again to create a new virtual gallery. This gallery, called Fruits of the Spirit: Art from the Heart, has been developed for the National Gallery and features nine works of art from the National Gallery and nine works from other art institutions. The exhibition is inspired by Saint Paul’s nine positive attributes.

Moyosa Spaces

We built Fruits of the Spirit using Moyosa Spaces. This is a unique product that turns physical exhibitions, stores, and galleries into a digital space. It also helps us create unique locations that might not even be able to exist in the real world.

It allows brands to offer an experience in a scalable, interactive, innovative and cost effective way, whilst preserving a high-quality visual standard and reaching as wide an audience as any 3D technology can reach.

Moyosa Spaces uses a combination of technologies to create a photorealistic 3D world that can be accessed through the browser. This maximizes the digital reach of your product thus creating a space for everyone, everywhere and anytime.

Bringing art together

We really enjoyed getting the chance of working together with The National Gallery to create a space that utilizes the strengths of both physical and digital artistry and display works together that are in actuality quite far apart.

Explore the Fruits of the Spirit gallery

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