The Crackajack Gallery is dedicated to showcasing the exceptional talents of artists in the field of art. A Crackajack, by definition, is a person who possesses great skill in a particular domain. In this case, the Crackajack Gallery features artists who are exceptional in their own unique way. This virtual gallery was created to showcase the personal art collection of Eva Dichand using Moyosa Spaces.

Moyosa Spaces

Moyosa Spaces is a unique product that turns physical exhibitions, stores, and galleries into a digital space. It also helps us create unique locations that might not even be able to exist in the real world.

It allows brands to offer an experience in a scalable, interactive, innovative and cost effective way, whilst preserving a high-quality visual standard and reaching as wide an audience as any 3D technology can reach.

Moyosa Spaces uses a combination of technologies to create a photorealistic 3D world that can be accessed through the browser. This maximizes the digital reach of your product thus creating a space for everyone, everywhere and anytime.

Sharing the passion for art

Building a Moyosa Space for someone who is passionate about art and who wants to share their collection with the world was an incredible experience. We’re thrilled to see what other physical or digital artworks will be added to the gallery in the future.

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