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Along with a Christmas message in webAR, our new strategic partner Happy Finish has asked Moyosa to help create a SparkAR filter for Coca-Cola, designed to let users get inspired for their Christmas meals.

coca cola share the magic ar filter instagram
coca cola share the magic ar filter instagram

What should I have for Christmas?

Once the filter effect is chosen, either from the Coca-Cola Facebook or Instagram pages, or from seeing it on another user’s page, the user sees a “What should I have for Christmas?” card on his or her forehead…

Holding the record button, a roulette starts playing on the card with suggestions for Christmas meals, implying that Coca-Cola is tailoring the meal to the user’s person. 15 different meals are rotated very quickly and then slower to land on the chosen suggested meal; all Coca-Cola branded of course! The users’ reaction is of course filmed because his or her face is on screen all the time and a viral element is created and the video can be shared with a user’s following.

coca cola share the magic ar filter instagram


The end result is a very cool, and highly engaging SparkAR filter for Coca-Cola in 5 languages, shared on the Coca-Cola Facebook & Instagram accounts, which have a combined reach of over 100 million followers globally!

Try the filter for yourself below!

Try filter

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