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In 2019, Circle Square has asked Moyosa to quote an activation for Mondelez and their Cadbury brand. CSQ was asked to “create a Cadbury area where travelers feel engaged with both Cadbury history / heritage delivered through a London-related look and feel to include.”

Pose with London

The final approved experience is a UK branded iconic taxicab, completely stickered in the Cadbury brand identity, as part of a larger airport activation. The taxi has an interactive touchscreen and photobooth experience built into the windscreen and bonnet.

The cab windscreen houses screens with a fun animation that shows the London personalisation. The main screen is accompanied by the Cadbury personalised postcard screen on the bonnet where the customer can have their photo taken and added to a Cadbury postcard which is sent over a chocolate London landscape to friends or family via email.

Source: ©Cell Marketing

Source: ©Cell Marketing


All in all, another fun airport activation for Mondelez/Cadbury, in a long line of campaigns we have helped Circle Square develop. It’s fun to be involved with the creation from the planning phase, and get the hardware sent to our offices, to play with…uhmmmm install the experience on 🙂

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