Virtual Production

The future of filmmaking is here! Moyosa Media is proud to be able to offer virtual production services and consultancy. With our knowledge about Unreal Engine, and the close partnership with award-winning Dutch director and producer Reinout Hellenthal, we have collaborated and produced the first virtually produced films and are super excited about the possibilities in this area.

XR: AR, VR and MR technologies

The combination of our years of expertise in Unreal Engine, our partnership with the Unreal team and having an award winning director in our office has opened the doors to a whole new field of potential in the form of virtual movie and video production.
Moyosa is now able to produce any video content for clients, such as this world premiering digital fashion show, which was designed, developed 100% digitally, including the models, environments, animations and virtual camera work

Social AR filters & effects

AR currently has the broadest application of the 3 XR pillars, simply because an overwhelming majority of people have an AR ready smart device. And most social media platforms are now offering users the chance to create fun and engaging effects on their platforms by connecting the device cameras to its mobile apps.

And whether you are looking to utilise AR effects on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat; Moyosa is an accredited partner of all social media platforms and we can create a solution tailored to your goals.

3D model viewing in AR

“3D models are the new JPG” is our newest mantra, and so next to (re)creating objects in 3D, Moyosa is leading the way in engaging digital visitors by offering model viewers, which have the ability to project the digital 3D model into the physical 3D world via smart devices. Th engagement and opportunities this creates for brands is incredible and we’re seeing it in our product demos and projects every day


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