Over the years, our knowledge evolved significantly and to this date, our digital experiences feature high quality realtime 3D rendering, supported by the quality platforms and channels as expected by our clients. Our experiences run on desktops and on a broad range of quality devices like HTC Vive (pro), HTC Focus, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Daydream, Magic Leap, Microsoft Hololens, ARKit and ARCore capable and support new and promising interfaces like projected touch surfaces and foils.

Augmented Reality

Place virtual and interactive objects as an overlay in the real world.

Virtual Reality

Truly let your customers engage and experience story-living.

Mixed Reality

Put and map interactive objects in the real world to create a hybrid interactive experience using powerful specialised headsets

3D Modelling & Scanning

Ultra High Quality modeling ready for realtime rendering or HQ renders.

CGI - Rendering & Animations

With CGI we can create vivid and dynamic virtual environments (in VR or AR), filled with objects for users to interact with in real-time

Digital Retail Experiences

Everything related to digital in-store experiences

360° Video Production

We’ve setup postproduction workflows for 360° videos to be edited, stabilised, graded or animated, similar to traditional video material

Web interactive & 360 tours

360° video experiences ready for the web and a range of mobile devices

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