Social AR Effect

The General Concept

Located at the Historic TT-Circuit, TT-Assen is an annual motorcycle race hosted on the last Sunday of June. Covering all the grand prix classes of Moto3, Moto2, and MotoGP, TT-Assen is a monolith in the yearly pro-motorcycling calendar. However, beyond being a large event on the national and global sports level, it also holds a special cultural significance for locals as a regional festival. With a variety of musical artists and carnival attractions, the TT has drawn people from all over Drenthe and beyond for the past century.

Moyosa was enlisted by the organizers to bring the event to a younger audience. A social media strategy was developed based upon two sponsored snapchat lenses. These lenses were promoted with large LED-signs across the event, and were designed for maximum shareability. Both the first and the second lenses were a dynamic action shot of using facial recognition technology, which pastes the user’s features upon the lens while capturing the video.

The first lens showed the user dancing behind a DJ-booth as animated speakers blast music and lights shine around the scene. The second depicted a wild rollercoaster ride at breakneck speeds which had the user waving their arms as they crash down the track.


The lenses were a phenomenal success, and showcased the potential of social media filters for smaller companies and local events. A fun prize was also made available for one of the lucky users, further increasing engagement. The technology has progressed a great deal in the past years and can now be developed on the highest level at competitive prices.


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