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The General Concept

After developing the Kremer Collection VR museum in 2017  and launching it for all major VR app stores, the client wanted to ensure that their mission, “sharing the collection with as many people as possible”, would be pushed even further by focussing on mobile users.

Moyosa set out to make efficient use of the available assets of the museum, and use the newest mobile technologies available. The Result is a stunning mobile app, showcasing an incredible museum and 74 world class old masters of the Kremer Collection.

We wanted to preserve all the UX & UI design elements which have made the VR museum so successful, whilst giving users a way to access the museum on the go through their mobile phones.

Our on-screen navigation allows users to easily navigate (left) and look around the museum space (right), similar to popular mobile games such as Fortnite and FIFA, which was a big reason in our decision. The Kremers have a heavy focus on the next generations and their digital museum is an integral part of reaching those generations.

In the renewed view, you will be able to toggle the settings menu, rewatch the tutorial on how to use the app, change the language and go directly to the painting you wish to see, by simply clicking on it. This “floorplan” feature will help people navigate to certain works quicker and gives a great overview of the collection, inline with the website of the Kremer collection

The last feature, but certainly one we are super proud of, is the AR (augmented reality) functionality we have built into the app. By clicking the icon (topright), AR mode is toggled.The app uses the device’s camera &  gyroscope to determine a user’s physical movement, and translates this into the virtual world, making the device a magic window. Users can look around in 360 through “window”, and once in front of a painting, walking towards it in real life, will bring them closer to the virtual object as well.

‎The Kremer Collection
‎The Kremer Collection
The Kremer Collection
The Kremer Collection
Developer: Moyosa Media BV
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