The General Concept

How do you get to experience customisation of your potential purchase, as if it was already right in front of you? More importantly, how do you ensure your current desires, expectations and quality of the product, will match that end product?

Those were the main questions we tried to answer through our Tesla VR experience; the future of the customer journey in luxury vehicles.

The Close To Real

Purchasing certain luxury products, particularly custom made ones, used to depend on the imagination of clients.

From the get-go, visualising a car based on your ideas and available options often presents a challenge because there are so many possibilities and references. In a conventional showroom it’s often impossible to experience all the different configuration options, in order to put together your perfect car.

Spark The Imagination

Until now…to enable people to do just that, we created a solution that, even though one will still need to wait for the final product, will help zoom in on the dream car package, spark the imagination and excite.

Especially when combined with real life objects for example a car seat, customers are able to sit down in virtual reality and explore the car interior, tailor made to their wishes, , interact with the touchscreen, and play their favourite song to feel good and completely imagine what it is to sit in this car every day.

An Innovative Customer Journey

In every aspect of this experience, from viewing quality to full control on customisation we are able to enrich the customer journey in ways previously impossible.

Customers can save their configuration exactly as they desire and as soon as a customer leaves the experience, a personalised video presentation or a digital 3D interactive model can be delivered to their email or favourite social channel, enabling the customer to share their excitement with friends and family. The configuration is personal and stored so it can be loaded and activated through various sales channels.

Endless Customer Journey Optimization

Possible add-ons can include 3D printing of the configured car, loading and comparing different car models, further customisations of interiors, materials and surfaces, custom paint jobs and more. Whatever it is that you can think of… we can make it happen, virtually that is.


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