The General Concept

Rays of Sunshine brightens the lives of seriously ill young people and their families by granting wishes and providing ongoing support within hospitals. The charity believes that every child deserves to experience happiness and put their illness on hold – even if it is just for one day. So when Moyosa got invited to a meeting, we immediately had a cool idea to utilize “Moyosa Spaces” and create something lasting for the children and their families.

Rays of Sunshine asked their children if they would like to contribute to the first ever Rays of Sunshine Digital art gallery, by telling their own story through a drawing or painting. The response has been overwhelming, and for this first round, more than 80 works were sent in and digitised by Moyosa, and placed in a digital 3D gallery space, designed by ROS. Children where given the option to explain their work in a short audio message and ROS immediately received offers of support, funding the entire project and donating to this amazing cause.


Moyosa created a beautiful playful art gallery, with over 80 works of art by the Rays of sunshine children. Spanning 4 sponsored art rooms and a remembrance room for those children whose lives “Rays of Sunshine” touched in the past, we can truly say that this is one of the most special projects we’ve ever worked on. Certainly one of the most important ones! Please check out the gallery below and feel free to donate to this amazing cause.

Visit the beautiful art gallery below

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    Rays of Sunshine

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