Virtual Try on

The General Concept

Our partner “Big Bad Wolf” asked us to help create a webXR element for the Polaroid sunglasses brand. On or a partner-retailer’s website, users are asked to “take the GIF challenge” and choose 3 models, which they can subsequently try on using a virtual try on experience in webAR. Each try on is snapped as a picture and after 3 try ons, a GIF is generated, together with a discount code which the users can use on the website or instore.

The project was built using a mix of 3D technologies, including the 8th wall webAR platform, with an added complication that over 25 – 3D models would be selectable, in 12 languages and that face-tracking on webAR needed to be a stable part of the solution. The experience would then be embedded into over 40 retailer websites across Europe. Eacah retailer was also able to brand the experience themselves with a logo and create their own discount code.


A flawless experience as per the client’s request, easily implementable on all partner retail sites, which is a lot of fun to use and try on Polaroid’s new line of sunglasses, perhaps with some crazy faces and poses! Great and challenging project, for an amazing brand to welcome as a client!

Try it yourself!

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