"As the Virtual Reality Tech partner of DigitasLBi we have created the Virtual Reality App for their client OnePlus. From within this app clients can order the new flagship of OnePlus: the new OnePlus 3."

The Story

The campaign delivers the world’s first VR looping animation. Using a VR headset, potential customers are welcomed on board the OnePlus office of the future – a spacecraft called The Loop. While on board, visitors receive a tour of the spacecraft and an introduction to the OnePlus 3, as well as the opportunity to purchase the OnePlus 3 directly in the VR experience.

The solution sets a new standard for VR experiences on smartphones. The campaign creates an interactive and engaging experience through ingenious use of seamlessly looped Hollywood quality CGI 3D stereoscopic visuals. The custom VR playback engine is optimized for low latency, high resolution, high frame-rate mobile VR immersion, making it possible for viewers to enjoy a rich VR experience on a normal smartphone.


24 Hour unique Downloads


Average session duration in minutes


Conversion rate first 2,5 hour


Seemingly impossible

Build an endless Virtual Reality Application for mobile devices with a number of innovative, never-before-seen, usages of CGI and 4D technologies, as well as 360° films, crossing the border of technical capabilities. This lead to two native written apps, one for Android and one for iOS. On high end devices we pushed the limit by implementing 2048 x 2048 videos to playback stereoscopic videos which, in combination with CGI, delivers a true 3D experience with the feeling of depth. Throughout the experience camera’s, people with jetpacks and other elements are floating right in front of the viewer.

Stereoscopic playback

To experience true 3D we used several techniques to get the feeling of depth. To enable this we customized our own Raptor 360 / Virtual Reality engine and rewritten the shaders to get the best performance possible on the targeted devices. Together with the awesome 3D/4D renders and aligned sounddesign, the end product resulted in an immersive and “out of this world” experience.

Spatial audio

One other important factor to enable a true 3D experience is the usage of life like sound. In the experience we used general ambiance, several voiceovers, interface element sounds and last-but-not-least implemented spatial audio. By using a headset and VR goggles people can literally hear sounds coming from different origins and hear them heading in a different direction.

Our In-house Developed Solution:
Raptor – 360° / VR Engine

The overall end product is build natively on Android aswel as iOS. Other than the normal programming language we used our own shaders written for OpenGL. We do this to ensure the best performance and to decrease the “third party factor”. These shaders are custom build and have the functionality to render 360 / VR and enable distortion correction. Distortion correction is a mandatory feature to counteract on “bended lines” caused by the lenses in a VR Goggle. Because our Shaders use one pass, this will out perform the currently available (open source) options. Next to distortion correction we build the interactive hotspot, the info panels and all animations in OpenGL. By going this route we can ensure the same results on different platforms.


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