The General Concept

After our mega successfull “Director’s Choice” gallery, for which we won a WEBBY award with the National Gallery, we were asked to build a very special gallery for the Queen’s 70th Jubilee in June 2022. Titled: “Fit for a Queen: Symbols and values of sovereignty” the show would be curated by the NGL, and the themes would all lead back to the magnificent time of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, over the past 70 years.

Supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, we built an amazing digital show, housing over 30 works, in various different themes, such as “Power & leadership”, “Royal Women of Europe”, and “Wisdom”. Artists from the Royal collection, as well as the NGL are featured and many masters are represented. Bellini, Van Dyck, Rembrandt, Rubens, Veronese and many more among them.


The follow up to the pilot project for the National Gallery London has gotten fantastic reviews and the uptake is performing very well. Another beautiful gallery space, accessible for almost anyone with a browser, desktop or mobile, to discover the stories of the only true last Queen of the world. Discover at your own pace and interact with the paintings to discover the smallest of details, such as the amount of bunnies in the Mantegna painting! Use the 3D model viewer to trigger and AR function, and see what a painting would look like in your bedroom, office or kitchen! All in all a fantastic project, for one of the world’s greatest museums.

Visit the beautiful art gallery below

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    National Gallery London

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