Children's museum The Rainbow

The General Concept

The #MIGHTYMASTERS Art Program sets out “to make art universally accessible and fun to as many schoolchildren in the world as possible.” This will be achieved by equipping schools around the world either with VR hardware, or by setting up programs, providing access to the Virtual Kremer Museum, free of charge and without the costly travel.

For elementary school “the Rainbow” in the Dutch city of Assen, students between 7 & 9 years old visited our VR museum in their schools with VR headsets and all made a drawing about their experience, based on what art means to them.


We thought this was so cool, that we quickly built the first VR kids museum gallery, were we hung their scanned works, with their stories explaining what they had painted, and invited their parents for a VR presentation the week after. Needless to say this was enormous fun for all involved and a project we re very proud of and see great potential for! Stay tuned….


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