Gallery VR

The General Concept

Our client, Culture A, came to us with an idea to pitch an art mural project to a commercial real estate client using VR. The mural is an illustration that includes fashion, art, bars, Joe’s pub, Andy Warhol, and CBGB. The idea here, was to use VR technology and give the client a real sense of what the building entrance would look like with the art mural piece in it.

The client wanted the art mural to have dynamic colours and abstract figures. The design of the lobby incorporates lenticular art with an art installation on one side of the ribs. The other side of the ribs has a metal inlaid building address. Using VR, the client can walk around the building lobby and really get a feeling of the space and what this art mural adds to the overal look and feel of the space.


The end result is a beautiful art mural and lobby space viewable in the Oculus Quest VR headset. During the COVID-19 crisis of 2020, the owner of the real estate was able to view the proposed art piece form his own home and loved what he saw. The art mural was commissioned on the spot and will be featured in their new building in New York City


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