Diageo’s Johnnie Walker - Interactive Guest Experience

"Johnnie Walker’s first experiential retail flagship store transports visitors into its universe"

General Concept

The Johnnie Walker Madrid flagship store is an exciting destination for Scotch lovers and whisky novices alike. It plays host to a wide variety of immersive experiences, including whisky masterclasses and tastings designed to help people explore the world of Johnnie Walker and the broader category of whisky.

The store is all about the customer journey and engages visitors in an increasingly progressive and interactive way as they move through the space.

Perfect Serve

At the entrance is a ‘Perfect Serve’ screen that captures each customer’s personal interests and matches them to a whisky cocktail which they can then co-create at the bar – learning not just what to drink but how to drink. This interactive, gamified experience is an approachable way of introducing novices and whisky-curious consumers to the brand.

Whisky Explorer

At the front right of the store a wall showcases the core Johnnie Walker whisky range. The wall is divided by the coloured labels that relate to each particular whisky and its unique flavour profile. In the middle of the wall is a ‘Explore our Whiskies’ screen where customers can take an interactive journey across Scotland distillery sites to discover many of the single malt and single grain whiskies that go into each bottle of Johnnie Walker.

What we delivered

We are responsible for creating the software regarding these two interactive touchscreen experiences. Both experiences are supported by a remote assistance application. Running on desktop, the experiences can be updated and undergo maintenance remotely. This update system, with an in-house built architecture, allows to effectively and timely address and assist the client’s needs.





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