Vanitas Skull AR

The General Concept

The Vanitus Skull is a sculpture by Gary James McQueen.  McQueen is a British artist with intriguing connections to the fashion world, he was first introduced to the industry by his late uncle, Alexander (Lee) McQueen and was employed as head textile designer for the McQueen Ready-To-Wear Menswear. Gary was trusted with the delivery of many personal projects after Lee’s death, creating this one-of a kind sculpture for the McQueen movie which is synonymous with the famous documentary poster.  Made from a skull interlaced with birds, butterflies and flowers it reflects how life and death can co-exist.

Moyosa was enlisted by Gary James McQueen to create a digital asset of the Vanitus Skull for audience engagement. There is only one physical sculpture which is not readily accessible, so the idea was to create a 3D model of this iconic piece allowing the audience to view its detailed design from all angles.


Augmented Reality has emerged as one of the most important ways to connect target audiences and encourage interaction. We hope this unique AR experience will introduce Gary James McQueen’s masterpiece to a wider audience on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Our digital technology allows the viewer to walk around this iconic sculpture and see how Gary James McQueen’s creation pays homage to the most iconic British designer that ever lived and how his legacy lives on through the gifted designer, who is cut from the same cloth.

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    Gary James Mcqueen

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    Gary James Mcqueen

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