The General Concept

Our new strategic partner in the UK and Benelux Happy Finish have asked Moyosa to help create a web application designed to allow users to share a Christmas invitation or special message with friends and family. On scanning a QR code, or visiting a URL users will arrive at a landing page that asks them to record a message: a dinner invitation, a greeting or even a Christmas song. The voice input will be turned into a Christmas tree design generated by the unique soundwave of the user

The user can then place his or her animated 3D digital Christmas tree in their own environment using webAR powered by 8thWall and share their message with their friends, colleagues and family, who in turn are encouraged to record their own message.

As an extra compliance measure, we’ve built in moderation for Coca Cola, which takes around 1-3 seconds, so that there are no surprises or violations of the company’s code of conduct for users


The results is an incredibly engaging and fun webAR experience which earned Moyosa a spot on 8thWall’s showcase website and has been very well receivede by the client and everyone involved. We continue to push the boundaries of what webAR can do for our clients!

  • Client

    Coca Cola

  • Creative & Tech

    Moyosa Media x Happy Finish x AKQA

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