AR app

The General Concept

The 2019 Unity for Humanity Challenge supports creators who are developing projects that encompass themes of social, healthcare, science, education, humanitarian and/or environmental issues. The aim is to enable developers who are using Unity for good and the competition saw over 200 applicants apply.

Moyosa is proud to support Surround Vision in developing the The Clean A\R app. The app uses modelled air quality data from Kings College London to help visualise the pollution in cities using an augmented smog effect on social media.

The team will use the UK as a springboard for a global campaign that uses shareable AR filters on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, as well as the ‘Clean A\R App’ which will help to raise awareness of pollution internationally. The project will work closely with pollution experts at Client Earth and the C40 group.

The UN’s sustainable development goals are a blueprint for how we as humans can fix ourselves and with the Clean A\R App want people to understand what pollution is in their cities and encourage them to demand change.


We feel this app has huge potential for a global roll out. If properly funded, live data streams of air pollution levels can be fed into the app, to enable more cities globally to tap into this easy visualization tool, which in turn can then be fed into 3rd party apps via an API feed.

We hope that this app will contribute to raising awareness among global citizens about pollution levels and how our everyday activities contribute to this problem, so that campaigns can be run on how to change our lifestyles to fight air pollution.


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