The General Concept

Sander Bijl, like many other art dealers, was looking for a way to reach his global clients in a time were COVID19 had shut down the art fairs business, and travelling was almost impossible; certainly not for showing a painting to a potential customer. The solutions he saw ini the market were simply not good enough for him. When Sander saw the quality he could exude and show through our “Moyosa Spaces” concept, he immediately knew he wanted to pilot this.

We built a beautiful gallery space in the color scheme of Bijl van Urk’s brand colors, and resembling the art fairs stand from 2019, yet with lots of space so every work gets the attention it deserves. When you come in, you are greeted by an open plan space, but the hero wall in the middle and the two “floating walls” immediately catch your attention. Infopanels with text tell a short story about each painting and give you the option to view the work on your wall, by activating the AR functionality.


For one special little work, we even built a window into the wall, in order to view the study drawing by Willem van de Velde I from both sides, as he had sketched on both sides of the paper. All in all, the result of this gallery is a great first step for Bijl van Urk to show and operate their digital gallery space, which will undoubtedly be updated continuously with new works, enabling this Old masters dealer to show their treasures to a global audience.

Visit the beautiful art gallery below

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    Bijl van Urk

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    Moyosa Media

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