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The General Concept

Apollo’s Vertical Conveyor Belt systems (VCB) are large factory-sized installations of up to 10 meters high.

Prior to the COVID pandemic, Apollo used to travel with at least 1 installation and supporting sales collateral to tradeshows on every continent, which was highly inefficient.

Moyosa’s solution allows Apollo to demonstrate two of their flagship VCB’s in great detail utilizing just an ipad or even a large touchscreen.

Using pre-defined, clickable hotspots tagged onto the 3D model, users receive more information about the various USP’s of the Vertical Conveyor Belt systems, all the while being able to see the systems in great detail and navigate around them in 3D by simply swiping and zooming with their fingers

In order to get a better frame of reference of the products on the belts, users can toggle between 3 different products being transported.


With a built-in augmented reality functionality (for the iPad), users can project the 3D model in a real-life environment such as an office or an actual factory.

For the Apollo sales team, this gives an unprecedented opportunity to wow clients and demo an operational product at 100% scale (or smaller/larger) in 3D. Users can literally walk around the machine system in 3D and get up close and personal, but also gauge how it would fit in their actual (factory) environment.

And yes; you can still change the items on the belt!

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