Custom animated & interactive microsite

The General Concept

After successfully launching the Apollo trade fair app in 2020, Apollo has asked Moyosa to recreate the app experience in a microsite, in order to be able to leave the leads with a tangible, interactive experience, highlighting the USP’s for Apollo’s Spiral Conveyor belt solutions.

Moyosa has designed and built a “product presentation microsite” which is hosted on Apollo’s URL. The site is a custom made, interactive webpage, showing high resolution renders and animations of Apollo’s spiral conveyor systems, and mirrors the content of the Tradefair app. The main advantage of a web based solution however is that the style and content of the microsite is identical to the app and this experience can easily be shared online.

The main challenge we needed to overcome for this webbased solution is that realtime rendering of 3D the 3D models used in the app would significantly decrease the rendered quality. Therefore, we created high quality renders beforehand, that are featured on the site as stills and short videos.

The microsite follows a more linear storyline than the app did, yet still being guided around and through the Conveyor Belt solutions. This guided approach allows the client to prioritise certain information, and give the visiitor a more “guided” experience. .


The result is a beautiful, smooth, fun and interactive guided tour through 2 solutions, with a high dose of “3D feeling”, whilst highlighting the USP’s of Apollo’s solutions. During and at the end of the tour, visitors are prompted by call to action buttons, allowing them to contact Apollo for more information about the conveyor belts.

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    Apollo Group

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    Moyosa Media

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