About us

We are pioneering experts in creating virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences. Founded in 2009, we have been creating unparalleled technologies and content for 360° desktop and mobile experiences.

Over the years, our knowledge evolved significantly and to this date, our applications feature realtime 3D rendering, supported by the quality platforms and channels as expected by our clients. Our VR apps run on desktops and on a broad range of quality mobile devices like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Daydream, Hololens, ARKit and support new and promising interfaces like touch foils.

Disruptive Champions League Experiences

Why Moyosa Media?

We give brands the opportunity to not only connect and activate audiences. The unprecedented standards delivered by our proprietary technologies enable engagement through user excitement and participation. On a daily basis, we challenge technical feasibility and exceed our client’s expectations. Intrigued by VR/AR since before we even knew how to call it, we’ve been inspiring marketing teams world-wide to embrace and leverage the value which VR/AR allows us to generate these days.

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” VR amplifies your brand-activations by bringing your audiences into the heart of the action. “


Adding actual value, that’s how we are able to help our clients. We make sticky storylines by not only creating stunning visuals, but also by enabling your end-users to fully immerse in highly personalised experiences. 

Working on the edge of technical feasibility, with our client’s treatment and the end-user’s personal desires, is what we like. With a team of experts, knowledgeable on third-party hardware, we ensure to deliver VR/AR experiences and match all those three playing fields in this process.


Progressive agencies and brands have been successfully involving Moyosa Media in many verticals, to deliver highly specialised V-Commerce applications, innovative propositions and VR/AR integrations in existing channels. Brand activation and actual product engagement is achieved by offering unprecedented user-interactivity and personalised experiences to a wide-market target group. Depending on the nature of our client’s challenge for eye-balls on their campaigns and product launches, we will advise on strategy as well. We will have end-users to get the best out of either the most widely adopted, or the latest hardware around.

HTC Vive

HTC adopted VR in its early days and have made it worth their while, as their HTC Vive is widely considered a top-ranking VR device that enables VR experiences with unprecedented impact, both physically and emotionally. 

The HTC Vive allows a user to walk around freely to fully explore a virtual space, while The Chaperone guidance system safeguards a user from walking outside the designated play area.

The stunning details of its graphics and its accurate responsiveness, blend the physical experience of moving around with the virtual space, in a natural way. In the field of product showcases, interactive games and e-learning applications. HTC Vive will deliver.

At Moyosa Media, we have been pushing technical and conceptual boundaries and for HTC Vive, we’ve released multi-player applications, integrated leap motion and VR gloves and we have created virtual experiences combined with physical objects.


A platform as Daydream allows us to target audiences in possession of high-quality mobile devices, with stunning visual experiences that are being rendered in real-time. With the additional controller, users get interactively involved in fully immersive and engaging concepts.

Gear VR

Rapid advancements in technologies require us to adapt on a continuous basis, both technically and creatively.

Samsung Gear VR is a device developed by Samsung Electronics in collaboration with Oculus VR. The latest Gear VR works with numerous compatible Samsung Galaxy devices and has a controller for users to navigate in a virtual space. 

We build experiences compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, Note5, S6 Edge+, S6, and S6 Edge, based on the latest Gear VR software development kit (SDK) to ensure a smooth and high performing product across a wide range of devices.


After working and experimenting in the field of VR playback technologies for over 8 years, the Moyosa Media development teams do have numerous proprietary playback engines at their disposal. This enables us to offer the perfect balance in a four-fold continuum that makes or breaks any VR experience; quality, functionality, accuracy and performance. 

With these engines based on the proven Google Cardboard SDK, a wide range of phones, tablets and consoles are supported, as well as integrations with touch foil applications and narrowcasting

3D modeling

High-quality 3D modelling is where it all starts for our in house teams, when we’re asked to create a 3D VR experience. Here’s where our experience in getting the most out of platform specific parameters kicks in. Our modelling workflows are standardised and primarily focussed on finding the right balance between quality and performance for every available platform.


CGI or Computer generated Imagery, is about the animation of 3D objects in a virtual space or about full-motion 3D video. With CGI we can create vivid and dynamic virtual environments (in VR or AR), filled with objects for users to interact with in real-time, or integrate 3D videos for users to watch in a virtual experience.

360° video production

With camera systems that capture entire real-life environments by using multiple lenses simultaneously, our crews have been travelling around the world for years, to capture the most extraordinary sceneries, events and scripted films in 360°.

Proprietary stitching technologies allow us to disclose real-life locations in VR, both on-demand or streamed live for user’s to experience locations or participate at virtual events. Also directors do embrace 360° video as a medium, by incorporating 360° video in scripted VR films and series and stunning immersive advertising campaigns.

360° Post production

After applying our stitching algorithms, we’ve setup postproduction workflows for 360° videos to be edited, stabilised, graded or animated, similar to traditional video material. Any desired look and feel can be achieved on time.